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Gary Melius

Gary Melius
222 Sprucewood Ter.
Williamsville, NY 14221

Wire sculpted jewelry is an ancient art form that Biblical Scholars have dated back as far as 1446 BC. It is known that Egyptian and Phoenician artists practiced that art over 5,000 years ago and pieces of jewelry have been found in the pyramids as well as ancient Pharaoh’s tombs.

It is the only known metal jewelry form that is created completely without soldering or casting. Soldering or casting is a tecnique that uses heat by flame or torch to melt the metal together. Creating Wire Jewelry is more of a challenge, as it is held together only by the wires. The wires are twisted, bent and cut, using only the skills of our hands and basic tools of pliers, wire cutters and ruler.

The wire used in designing jewelry may be from many different alloys such as gold, sterling silver, brass, and copper. Its strength can be soft, medium, or hard. Hard wire is used mostly in making bracelets, while soft wire is used in sculpting designs and allows the wire to be twisted more easily.

Wire wrap jewelry has recently gained popularity among all groups of people. For a small investment, any person can have a unique piece of wearable artwork created. Bold, angular designs to smooth flowing curves can change a common gemstone into an heirloom.

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