Jennifer Schlick

Born and raised in Western New York State, I have lived here all but about 4 of my years.  I am drawn to the natural beauty, especially the forests and streams and never feel more at home than when I am outside.  I tote a camera with me on nearly every hiking and camping expedition and delight in photographing things both familiar and new.My love of photography was instilled at an early age. Mom had a 35mm camera with which she documented birthdays, Christmas mornings, and random cute stuff her children did.  We loved the nights when the screen went up, the projector came out and dad made a big bowl of popcorn.  It was better than going to the movies because we were the stars!

We subscribed to magazines like Life and National Geographic and I could spend hours looking through them getting lost in the images.  Now, I lose myself in making my own images. The feelings I get when engaged in the process are difficult to describe.  Time disappears.  I don’t get tired or hungry.  I am energized.

My “day job” as program director at the Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Jamestown, NY has afforded me the opportunity to share my passion for the natural world with many people since 1998.  I have also blogged my discoveries since 2008 at

I look forward to seeing you at Art in the Woods.


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