Kelly McNeil

McNeil K Forest SentinalBeaux-Arts Brampton, Studio #4
70 Main St. N., Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6V 1N7
Phone: 905-454-5677

Born in St. Catharine’s Ontario, I have travelled and painted across Canada. Having worked in the commercial art field for 10 years, i left and started my fine arts career. In the past 3 years I have added wildlife painting to my portrait painting and scenery. Everywhere I go, I am visiting Zoos, Wildlife Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, or Nature Parks. I am dragging my family around while i sketch the lazy animals, and photograph the active ones. Wildlife Painting is my passion, and being a very prolific painter, in Oil, Batik, Watercolor, or Scrath Board, (working 5 to 7 days a week), I am producing 1 to 5 paintings a week.

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