Linda Mason

Linda Mason’s first experience with glass (aside from breaking it) was in taking a class creating stained glass window panels. She then taught herself the art of lampworking and through her daughter’s interests began to explore fiber and the various techniques of fabric creation.

Linda is a life long resident of Warren, PA. She has studied art from many local and some well known artists like Abe Schwartz, Carla Colosimo, Ruth Levinson, Dick Nelson (Score and Skive), Harriet Johnson (weaver) and gets important feedback and insight from artists Reg Darling and Terry Darling as well as other friends and family. Linda has studied at the Corning Museum of Glass with Martha Biggar, Loren Stump and Margaret Neher and plans to continue her education at the CMOG.

She is an honors graduate from the Jamestown Business College, black belt in Karate, and has practiced other disciplines such as yoga and pilates. Linda currently works at Curves for Women.

Learn more about Linda’s artwork by clicking:

Linda Mason

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