Ron Johnson

Wine Rack

Wine Rack by Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson, Scandia, PA began blacksmithing twelve years ago, using an old hammer and his grandfather’s anvil. He has traveled extensively taking courses at Touchstone Center for the Arts in Farmington, Pennsylvania and participating in additional classes throughout the eastern US. Ron creates his own designs of ornamental ironwork and enjoys forging Damascus knives as well as producing custom pieces of art for his customers.  His associations include: Oil Valley Blacksmith Association, Pittsburgh Area Artist’s Blacksmith Association, Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil and the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. Ron established Evergreen Forge in 1999 and his work is currently on display at Ring-Around-A-Rosy in Warren PA and available for juried craft events.

For more information about Ron’s work call 814-757-8491  or e-mail him at

Ron Johnson

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