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Puzzle Designs by the BurnsWe started out in 1984. I was teaching Industrial Arts and June was a new mom. We wanted a way to supplement or income in the summer when I wasn’t teaching. June loved to paint and draw. So with my woodworking experience and my wife’s art background, we combined our passions to create our work.

Working with wood, we designed and made everything from weather vanes to candle sconces and sold them at local shows. Being as frugal as I am, I cold not throw away even the smallest of left-over scraps. We designed several small art puzzles utilizing these “scraps” and thus began our puzzle venture. We enjoy designing our scroll saw puzzles and being unique in our field.

All of our puzzles are both designed and created by us. The are individually cut on a scroll saw, hand sanded, standed and painted. This makes each puzzle a unique work of art.

Now, twenty five years later, we are even busier. We have four children who inspire us daily with their ideas and interests, and we still enjoy exhibiting our work at shows in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In addition is our love for the foot-powered machinery that we have collected over the years. We enjoy bringing machines to shows to demonstrate and share a bit of history and our love of scrolling.

To share our passion of scroll sawing, we have written three books:

  • Scroll Saw Art Puzzles
  • Scroll Saw Farm Puzzles
  • Scroll Saw Holiday Puzzles

Our website ( is also a way to connect with our patrons for show listings and contact information.

Images copyright 2009 by June Burns. All rights reserved.

June Burns

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